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Companies House WebFiling Improvements – 16th June 2008

The WebFiling Main Menu screen has been re-designed to improve the form search process for existing customers; the changes will be implemented on the 16th June 2008.

The improved form search process will enable you to locate forms via the following three selection tabs:

Category – Locate a form type by a specific category

Form Name – Locate a form name in alphabetical order

Form Number – Locate a form number in numerical order.

WebFiling screengrab showing new Tabs feature

A new option ‘Popular Forms’ on the right of the screen will allow you to quickly locate the 5 most popular forms filed.

The Other Tasks option - displays:

  • File for a different company
    File information for another company without having to re-enter your email address and Security Code.
  • Company Registration Details
    Enables you to change or cancel a company authentication code and register an additional company.
  • View Filing Summary
    Enables you to check the transactions you have completed during the current session.
  • Order email of current company information
    Enables you to order a current company information report, allowing you to check information before submission of your Annual Return; this report is sent in PDF format to your WebFiling email address.

The following options relating to you as a presenter of information has been moved to the top of the screen:

My Account Details
Enables you to amend your email address, Security Code and change your registration selection for ‘Latest News and Updates’ emails.

View Data Submitted
Displays PDF copies of all the forms submitted by you the individual presenter; excluding Accounts.
The documents can be easily downloaded by clicking the relevant PDF link and following the on screen instructions

These documents are only available for 10 days after the original submission.

WebFiling screengrab showing new Other Tasks feature

WebFiling screens can be accessed in both English and Welsh

All screens can switch between the two languages apart from the actual form screens themselves; they will be displayed in the language being used at time of selection. Note: The PDF account templates are only available in English.

All correspondence will be issued in the language being used at the time.

CYM forms should only be submitted by eligible Welsh companies (more details in WebFiling HELP)

WebFiling screengrab showing new Tabs feature

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